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Databases and Custom Software Development in Sacramento

ActivSupport provides database and custom software development services for both Microsoft and open source environments. ActivSupport certified database engineers work across all popular database platforms, including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle. From understand project requirements, through initial planning, development, and integration, our software experts are here to guide you through the whole life cycle of your critical business application.

  • Database Consultants ActivSupport has been delivering database consulting and database development services since 1997. Leveraging the latest proprietary and open source standards, our consultants have delivered scalable and dependable database solutions to law firms, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, and the business services industry in Sacramento and across the nation. Our database consultants team work with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP, also known as LAMP environment, as well as Oracle, and Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access platforms in conjunction with ASP and Dot net. But what makes ActivSupport truly unique lies in the fabric of our cross-functional team, which is composed of network integration specialists and database experts. Our team has the capability to look for what might constitute the most appropriate solutions beyond the usual mindset of developers only teams and is not hindered by corporate self-interest to find database solutions to what might, for instance, really be a network performance issue.
  • Microsoft Access Consultants ActivSupport Microsoft Access consulting team troubleshoot, recover, enhance and develop MS access databases across a variety of industries, including Legal, Health, Manufacturing, Governmental, and Business services to name a few. ActivSupport certified engineers initial job is to understand customer businesses, and recommend practical, no non-sense solution in a format understandable by Business managers. ActivSupport's Sacramento MS Access consulting team has been helping score of businesses with their access development project since 1997. From urgent troubleshooting fixes through upgrades and ongoing maintenance plan, our Microsoft experts have seen pretty much it all. As technology matures, and databases are increasingly brought online, MS Access still remains well respected for its intuitive report building capabilities. Digg Furl Google Windows Live Yahoo MyWeb Newsvine Reddit Slashdot StumbleUpon Technorati